Summit Everest Performance Management System 

The Everest Dash is designed to keep key functions, Food Safety and Quality top of mind for staff and management. The system has been designed to make shift management & decision making easier.

summit-everest-insitu This dynamic, client specific system has many functions with the ability to develop many more depending on the need of the business. The Everest Dash pulls it all together on one screen. The Everest Dash displays the following restaurant operational information.


The Everest Dash displays the critical information in line with company requirements and standards. Products with shelf times will display in order of expiry, with the closest to expire at the top of the list. Once a product reached a determined point for example 5 minutes until it expires it will reflect an orange color. Once it exceeds its shelf life it will reflect Red. This can come with audio or simply the color and dynamic screen to attract shift management attention.

The critical temperature points will track the daily progress and live information of these areas. The system will provide an alert should a temperature fall outside the desired range. A detailed reporting function will be available to review past readings and performance of the temperature controlled areas.

Summit Everest Dash

The STIQUI Timer and the Summit Satisfaction System are both integrated into the Everest Dash.
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