The Summit COD is designed in Australia to cope with the harsh conditions that span across the globe. From the heat, to the freezing temperatures.

The system is controlled by the Summit Platinum Pure Timing system, enabling excellent content control, remote serviceability and even the ability to change language and images from any location in the world.

CODs have the ability to significantly enhance order accuracy and build sales through subliminal marketing. The Summit Innovations COD enables brands to update content, change register language and even enable it to suggest add on items when particular items have been ordered. For example if you order a standard burger, the system can display drink or side options. If your customer orders a meal, then complementary add on’s will be displayed.



The Summit COD incorporates the following innovative features:

The Summit Dynamic Ranking system report provides an in depth analysis on the performance of the drive thru system by supplying a full breakdown including entire results, each monitored point on the drive thru at any moment of the day, 7 days a week.

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